Global Superior Workforce Solutions‚Äč

The BIC Approach(TM)

A time-tested effective framework for conducting challenging conversations with co-workers to address behaviors of disrespect, perceived or real, leading to a stronger, healthier working relationship.  Click Image

The AIM Behavioral Cycle(TM)

AIM is a tool that takes the mystery out of creating personal, sustained behavioral change, supporting the individual's efforts to both move toward desired behaviors, and weed out behaviors that undermine business relationships.Click Image

Cultural Context Factors(TM)

Find out the specific CCF's for your organization and how these dynamics can be harnessed to maximize business relationships rather than becoming barriers to success. Click Image

The Basix(TM)

Understand the six basic elements to sustaining cultural change in your organization and how they translate into concrete actions that will bring your company to the peak of performance and beyond. Click Image

SWS Exclusives(TM)

Innovation: Creative, Data-driven. That's what sets any company apart from its peers, turning ideas into industry-leading competitive advantage. 

SWS delivers cutting-edge unique solutions, customized to your business needs, and born from more than 20 years of experience in Fortune 150 companies, being a leader in building inclusive environments to maximize the full power of the human potential.  

Here are just a few of the SWS Exclusives that you will find nowhere else:

The Maslow Connection(TM)

Explore the very human root causes of our inate ability to disrespect others based on difference, the connection to Maslow's hierarchy, and the 3 Key Drivers(TM) to this destructive behavior.Click Image

Key Driver Behaviors(TM)

Learn the dangerous top 5 behaviors associated with the 3 Key Drivers of Disrespect that will undermine your efforts to build/sustain inclusive, productive cultures, and how to stop them. Click Image