Education-based Solutions

​SWS offers a full range of inclusive, topic-specific educational seminars and workshops, using cutting edge, innovative, original approaches to meet standard, as well as more sophisicated, corporate needs. The following have been grouped according to level of topic sophistication and depth:

​Tier One: Foundation

  • 21st Century Inclusive Cultures: Why Its a Business Imperative
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Work/life flexibility

​Tier Two: Intermediate

  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cross Generational
  • Physical/Mental Ability
  • Racism and Colorism
  • Religion in the Workplace
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Veterans 

Tier Three: Advanced

  • Microinequities
  • Systems of Privilege
  • Global Cultural Competence​

Business Case Roadmap

​​​​​​SWS is a full-service cultural intelligence company that offers a wide range of solutions which can be delivered "as-is", or customized for each client. SWS clients have included Fortune 150 companies, as well as smaller and mid-size institutions and academic environments, ranging in size from organizations with 300 employees, to 300,000. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Seminars and Workshops

Any of the following innovative programs, unique to SWS, can be adapted to any class size, including delivered as webinars, or part of an academic program. They typically range from one to three hours.

  • Managing the Multicultural Organization: Closing the Gap on Cultural Preferences for a More Effective Organization
  • The Maslow Connection: What Every Business/D&I Leader Needs to Know about Building Productive, Inclusive Organizations
  • Difference, Respect and Organizational Effectiveness  (originally part of academic curriculum for the Organizational Psychology Masters Program at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology)
  • Diversity and the Global Workforce (originally part of academic curriculum for the Organizational Psychology Masters Program at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology)
  • Maximizing Organizational Productivity: The Exclusionary Barriers to Superior Performance
  • Maximizing Organizational Productivity: Transforming Attitudes Toward Diversity
  • Mastering the SOGI Barometer: Creating and Sustaining a GLBT-inclusive Workplace
  • The Generation Dilemma: Maximizing Today's Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Effectively Addressing the Diversity Backlash; Converting Resistors to Advocates

Without a doubt, the most critical foundation component of any inclusive culture initiative, program, or cultural shift is the ability to explain in simple terms why creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment is crucial to achieving your company's business goals. SWS will analyze your company's culture, including current state, desired state, business goals, and company cultural artifacts (e.g. Vision, Mission, Core Values, etc), and will deliver a customized visual graphic that shows in an easy-to-follow format the connection between business success and the ability to maximize business relationships. This graphic can be used in a variety of communication mechanisms to ensure that every employee understands that stronger business relationships will, in turn, deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness, while expanding the company's capacity and capability to meet or exceed business goals.Reach out to SWS today to begin the process of building this essential business tool!

Global Superior Workforce Solutions

Full Service Options

Cultural Context Factors(TM) Solutions

 Built upon SWS's exclusive Cultural Context Factors(TM)assessment, the following are the three basic tiers of support, producing customized results for your unique organization:

Tier One:Detailed Cultural Context Factors(TM) analysis to highlight areas of opportunity/focus.

 Tier Two:  CCF(TM) analysis with specific recommendations for strategy development.

 Tier Three:  Comprehensive strategy development and recommended solution set including CCF(TM) analysis, identification of areas of focus, and detailed customized Basix(TM) mapping.