VIBE - Visible Individual Behaviors of Equity(TM)

One of the most potent credibility-destroyers of all time is when the communication does not match the behavior. The undeniable truth of the phrase "actions speak louder than words". Nowhere is this more insidious than leadership sending out messages that their actions don't correlate. Employees hear the words, but without the consistent behaviors that back them up, the effort is quickly dismissed as a "flavor of the month".

Without each leader's individual commitment to, visibly and openly, take actions that employees can readily see and point to as supporting the message of equity for all, the between-the-lines message is very clear: this effort is not important. It doesn't warrant the time of Leadership, therefore it does not warrant my investment of time and energy, either. It is this simple, but distressing, truth that solely can be addressed by understanding what specific behaviors a leader needs to exhibit to personally drive equity progress, and acquiring a self-awareness of how their actions are perceived. This is why VIBE - Visible Behaviors of Equity(TM), is not just essential for achieving equity success in a company. It is the only way to bring about lasting, progressive change that truly becomes part of your company's DNA, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, while expanding the capacity and capability, as well.

What are these behaviors? How do I expand my skillset to deliver these behaviors? How do I take the pulse of the organization to see what VIBE(TM) I am giving off, and adjust my actions, as needed? These are the very questions that the VIBE(TM) program will not only answer, but will deliver the education and comprehension necessary to empower your leaders to not just become "champions" of an equitable workplace, but individual drivers of permanent change.

The VIBE(TM) program delivers the critical behaviors across three levels of influence: Senior Leaders, Middle Managers, and Front Line Supervisors. It is this three-tiered approach to individual visible behaviors that can jump-start a company struggling with issues of equity into strong, forward momentum, and boosts a company doing "OK" with equity efforts into a Superior Company with a Superior Workforce.  VIBE(TM)consists of skill building-oriented learning experiences that removes any doubt in the mind of a company leader as to "what do I need to do" in order to build and sustain an inclusive, equitable culture. When combined with the AIM Behavioral Cycle(TM) tool that equips your people with a consistent process to monitor their own progress, you empower the people that influence your culture the most with equity evolution that is not only sustainable, but becomes a permanent part of their on-going personal development.

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