are a moving target,. That is to say, at any given time we are the culmination of every experience that we encounter, so we continue to evolve as individuals rather than standing still, But when attempting to change behaviors, how do we incorporate the knowlege that as we continue to develop, we may not be displaying poor behaviors today, but may inadvertantly begin demonstrating them tomorrow? How do we change behaviors, while still remainging vigilant for future behaviors that may need work? What business individuals need is an on-going strategy that allows us to identify behaviors for change, while continuously monitoring our behaviors over time. The AIM Behavioral Cycle(TM) is that tool.

AIM takes the mystery out of creating personal, sustained behavioral change, supporting the individual's efforts to both move toward desired behaviors, and weed out behaviors that undermine business relationships. And given that we can never be completely successful in these endeavors if we are operating in a vacuum, AIM incorporates a consistent 360 feedback component from our managers, colleagues, and employees that will continously measure how far we have moved the behavioral baseline, as well as highlighting when any new behaviors may crop up that need addressing.

Utilizing AIM, individuals at any level of the organization, but particularly managers and senior leaders, can raise the standard for leadership behaviors in the organization to a new level of excellence, and become a role model for others to emulate. And, or course, better behaviors, mean stronger business relationships, which leads to increased capacity and capability of the business, and utlimately, a better equipped superior workforce to meet or exceed business goals. Reach out to SWS and let us embed the AIM Behavioral Cycle(TM) into your organization today!

The AIM Behavioral Cycle(TM)

For any individual, the process of changing one's own behavior, no matter how sincere the intention, can be very daunting. Even if behavior has been identified as less than ideal, often the individual simply does not possess the knowledge to begin working to eradicate those behaviors, and potentially replace them with positive ones.

Part of this challenge is also the fact that we are not stagnant as human beings; in fact, we

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