The Maslow Connection(TM)  and the Three Key Drivers of Disrespect(TM)

Discrimination and disrespect of those that are different from ourselves, no matter how more alike they may be to us than different, is an inherent dynamic in the human race.

Although Abraham Maslow, commonly viewed as the father of modern psychology, introduced his Hierarchy of Needs construct in 1943, it wasn't until SWS innovatively brought Maslow's work into the discipline of building inclusive, effective cultures that we were able to realize an entirely new dimension and benefit. 

SWS identified that three of the levels of Maslow's Hierarchy (Safety, Belonging, Self Esteem) that we all share as human beings, directly generates the three Key Drivers of Disrespect(TM)

1)  We Need to Feel Superior

2)  We Need to Feel Included

3)  We Need to Seek Out Sameness

The direct connection to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the correlating Key Drivers of Disrespect(TM) (and, consequently, discrimination), enable us to consciously begin to control and alter the dynamics that we have previously been at the mercy of, with respect to relationships in the workplace.

By delivering these concepts via highly-interactive educational experiences, the participants (typically senior leadership) will not only be able to understand these dynamics, but apply them directly to their organization's environment. SWS will also show participants how to overcome these dynamics across the entire footprint of the company, through multi-facted solutions, delivering greater comprehension, conscious intervention, and ultimately increased productivity of the workforce.

Let SWS make The Maslow Connection(TM) work for you! 

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