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The BIC Approach(TM)

One of the most challenging aspects of attempting to address behaviors of disrepect in the workplace, either perceived or real, is the general reluctance of most individuals to avoid any type of confrontation with the individual exhibiting the behaviors. In fact, research has shown that most people would prefer to endure further disrespect rather than initiating a personal dialogue with the other co-worker, when in reality, most employees may not even be aware of how their behavior is impacting their colleague, but if raised, would make a sincere attempt to correct the behavior. 

But if no one initiates the conversation, nor has the knowledge on how to not only start, but effectively address the behavioral impact through dialogue, the business relationship continues to deteriorate. Ultimately, this tension becomes very real barriers to these individuals ability to work together efficiently and effectively, directly impacting productivity. So what is a business leader to do?

The BIC Approach(TM)is a time-testing framework that supports an individual's ability to not only initiate a conversation regarding the behavoiral challenge, but it actually provides the three crucial elements that must be part of the communication with the co-worker in order to minimize defensiveness, and maximize collaborative trust, leading to a stonger, healthier working relationship. The BIC Approach(TM)also provides you with with an on-going strategy to insure that the positive behavioral change will take place as part of a shared responsibility between the two colleagues. It is this contracting that will not only enable the relationship to be repaired, but it actually strengthens the relationship to levels that surpass the original level of trust prior to the behavioral challenge.

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