The Basix(TM): Six Basics to Sustaining Cultural Change

 All too often, business organizations will invest valuable resources, including human effort and dollars, implementing a well-intentioned program to positively impact the organization from a cultural, inclusive, or productivity perspective. Typically, there will be a great deal of communication and promotion of these efforts, and the desire for company change is broadcast loud and clear.

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But frequently, once the programs are delivered, there are rarely any efforts implemented to sustain them. In time, with no additional positive reinforcement or continued learning, the company slips back into the previous dynamics, and the all-but-forgotten program is viewed as a "flavor of the month" initiative. Once this happens, it makes it even harder to roll out any similar type of efforts in the future, and in the process, the credibility of senior leadership in the eyes of the employees is severely damaged and may never recover.

So from a business leader perspective, what can be done to inculcate the program, continue building momentum, and truly make the change a part of the DNA of the company? The SWS answer to this dilemma is called The Basix(TM)

The Basix(TM)is comprised of six essential elements that together create a long-term approach to ensuring that any cultural change effort, regardless of the nature of the organization or business, truly becomes part of the fabric of the company. With built-in pieces ranging from metrics and clearly defined responsibilities, to engagement and accountability, The Basix(TM) will ensure that the change you have put in place is not only sustained, but becomes synonymous with the culture of the organization. 

While each set of The Basix(TM) will have the same six-element framework, the details and specific tasks will be unique for each company, based on that company's specific Cultural Context Factors(TM) that The Basix(TM) must operate within. SWS will identify these CCF's in detail in order to drive the customization, and ensure the success of, The Basix(TM) for each organization. 

Doesn't every business leader deserve a long-term ROI on their investment in cultural change, rather than short term gains and future regression? Let SWS make The Basix(TM) work for you today!